Monday, July 25, 2011

Season Recap

This post is waaay overdue! I just re read my last post, and it seems like so long ago. I should really update this more frequently!
I'll try to sum up where I left off in as few words as possible. The qualifying race in Calgary - it was a little frustrating, but a good test in patience and relaxation. It turns out after a few scratches, there were only 5 of us in the prelim, and 5 of us got to move on! We thought maybe they would cancel it, but we had to run it anyway. It wasn't a fast race, and didn't take too much out of me for the next day. I was feeling pretty good the day of the heat. I knew I was in a fast heat and it would be a chance to run a quick time. I felt good through 400 but when I tried to make my move, nothing happened. I'm not sure if it was a mental or physical thing. Regardless, I ran a 2:15 and didn't qualify for the final. Sad but I knew I had 3 more races to prep for so I took a day off, then began my recovery. I enjoyed being a spectator for the rest of the meet but was happy when July 1st rolled around and it was time to race! After Nationals, Heather, Celia and I headed to BC where we stayed at the UBC campus for a few days then the meet hotel in Richmond. I have always loved the Harry Jerome Track Classic in B.C. Last year I was a spectator so I was happy to be part the meet this year. My plan was to stick with the pack, I have a tendency to let them get ahead, then try to make up time in the end, which doesn't always work. This race didn't go quite as planned, I was a little slow through 600, then felt great the last 200 but I was happy it was a 2:10. My next race in Victoria on the 3rd didn't go great, but left me hungry for my next opportunity. The next race was here in Halifax, the Aileen Meagher. It was a stacked field of athletes from many different countries whose seed times ranged from 2:00 to 2:06. I knew it was going to be a fast race and I didn't want to get left behind. I went out with the girls, and hung with them ( still behind them but with them) until 600. I ran a pb through 600, and then finished in a new personal best of 2:09.69. There were many awesome results from the meet and I was happy to have had the chance to compete in front of friends and fans!
I was so excited after this race, and still eager to keep racing. The next weekend I flew to Ottawa for the Ontario Championships. Unfortunately, this race did not go well, but I did get a chance to stay with a good friend I hadn't seen in a long time! Always have to think of the positive!
I was torn between continuing my season but after taking a few days off realized that my body needs some TLC. I'll be in recovery mode for a few weeks. Who knows, I may run the Halifax Bridge Mile, just for fun!
Some decisions to make about next year, but already looking forward to what promises to be another great season of 800's!
Thanks for the support and encouragement!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Goin' with the flow

I have arrived safely in Calgary! We spent the first two nights in a hotel. Celia and I decided to try our luck with Priceline, to see if we could find a good deal. We got rejected every time. We ended up finding a pretty good deal, and enjoying our "mini vacation." We were up pretty late the night of the race in Indianapolis, and up really early the next morning to catch our flights, so we were looking forward to a day of recovery and relaxation. When I say "mini vacation" I mean eat, sleep and run!
We are now settled into our residence room at the University of Calgary. It's really nice! Two rooms, with a bathroom and kitchen and even a little sitting area. Unfortunately there were no utensils or pots and pans, but we are making due with the dollar store and plastics forks and spoons! I am really embracing student life, I got lost on my shake out run yesterday morning. I took a detour on the way home to get coffee and a half hour later made it back to my room.
There has been a slight change in plans. Though I ran the standard to skip the prelims, I ran it after the June 13th deadline which means I race on Wednesday. I should have paid better attention to the fine print! Anyways, it will be a good opportunity to race again, get used to the altitude and the track. And racing on Wednesday means I have less time to wait!
To help pass the time, Heather took us on an adventure to Banff yesterday, complete with a gluten free burger, hot springs and rented bathing suits! It was a great time! I'll post some pictures when I figure out a way to upload them. ( my card reader isn't working)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Race Recap

Last night's race went very well. I ran a pb in the 800 of 2:10.10 and it felt great. I was a bit nervous all day but forced myself to "shut my mind off." I think I mentioned something about this before. I wanted to write about my race plan for last night, but writing about it would have meant that I was thinking about it, and not thinking about it was part of the plan! In the the back of mind, I had 2:10.50, the qualifying standard for Nationals. ( You can still compete if you don't have this standard but you race on Wednesday in a prelim and fight for a spot in the semi's)  I didn't want to put added pressure on myself to run a specific time, I don't feel that works for me. Instead, I had a very specific race plan, which always used to work for me in the 800m when I did the hep, and as long as I committed to it, the result would come naturally. This season is all about the process for me. In the past I have become too focused on the times. The times are obviously important but since I switched events, its important for me to stay confident but be patient. I feel like I am on the right track! Here is the link to my race:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Race Recap

Well, that was fun! It was a great night for racing. It was warm, and very little wind here in Indianapolis.
It didn't feel like race day at all, which I guess is a good thing. Maybe it was because I was running a 400m, instead of an 800m but I didn't feel like my usual nervous self. I didn't feel great throughout the day, I woke up really sore and wasn't sure why, but by the end of the warm up I felt ready to go! The first 300m of the race felt great, I felt fast and smooth. The last time I ran a 400m in Phoenix I didn't go out as quick as I'd like so yesterday my plan was to go out hard and see what happens. The last 100m of the race wasn't great but there is definitely room for improvement! I ran a 56.09, my third fastest 400m time. I'm attaching the link to my race if you'd like to watch. I'm in lane 5. It's always interesting watching a race after, seeing what you actually look like compared to how you felt. It is a very useful tool.
I also rabbited a section of the 800m after. Pacing a race is something I have been asked to do a few times, but it has never panned out. I was a bit nervous, but it was actually really fun!
Some great times throughout the course of the night! Looking forward to running an 800m on Wednesday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

On the road again

It's been way too long since my last post! (I got home and my internet was broken, didn't get a chance to fix it) My race in London went well, but nothing spectacular. I ran a 2:13, so not far off my pb. Since then I have been home in Halifax for just two short weeks. Though it was short, it was nice to be back!  My flight was delayed out of Detroit on May 25th due to weather in Chicago. Right now, I am at the Halifax airport heading to Indianapolis, IN and my flight is delayed again due to weather in Chicago... somebody really doesn't want me to go to there. I was looking forward to my long layover there, they have good chocolate.
I am heading to Indy to run two races, the first on Saturday. Another 400m which I am really looking forward to! The weather in Halifax wasn't the greatest for the two weeks, ( though I really can't complain because it rained almost every day I was in Arizona so two weeks is nothing!) but training has continued to go well since coming down from altitude. From Indianapolis, I head to Calgary for the Canadian Championships, then to BC to take part in a series of meets.
I raced in Indianapolis two summers ago, as a 400m hurdler. The competition wasn't great (I was the only one in the race) but there is always a great field of 800m runners which I am excited about! I'll keep you posted.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Race Recap

The race on Saturday went well! I ended up running a small personal best. I ran 2:12.53. I was a little tentative, but I think I'll feel more comfortable when I get more experience with the distance. I am excited I have another chance to run tomorrow night in London, ON.
There has been great weather in Windsor, except for today where it poured as soon as I started my warmup. I ran for 5 minutes and looked as if I jumped in a swimming pool.
I am staying in Windsor with a friend until Wednesday. The people in Windsor are always so hospitable, it is much appreciated!
There were some excellent results here in Windsor on Saturday. Congrats to my team mates here who ran Pb's and those in LA as well! Looking forward to a great season!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Back on Canadian Soil

I have arrived safely in Windsor. It was a long day but I feel pretty good. Did you know you can`t rent a car in Detroit and drive it across the border anymore? We ended up taking a cab through the tunnel. When we arrived we went for a short run on the waterfront.
The time change will take some getting used to. I didn`t set an alarm this morning and slept in until 11:30. I haven`t done that in  a looong time! Tomorrow we don`t race until around 9:15, so still being on Arizona time will be an advantage! My warm up went well tonight and I`m excited for tomorrow!
Just had a great dinner, and getting ready to head to bed. I`ll keep you posted!